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Understanding the ever-changing real estate market can be tough. Setting the right price for your home is crucial to get the most money when you sell. It takes experience and know-how, and that’s where I come in. I am here to share my knowledge and help you get the best price for your home.

The First Step

Market Research & Analytics

Considering selling your home? Allow me to assist with a crucial first step, a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), without any obligations. This thorough assessment compares your property with active listings and recently sold homes in your neighbourhood, revealing trends in price and time on the market. I meticulously analyze your property and competitors, striving to ensure the highest justified price for your home. Every home is distinct, and my strategy involves recognizing your property’s unique strengths alongside rigorous market analysis to price your home for a quick sale at the optimal price.

The Next Step to Successfully Selling Your Home

Effective Real Estate Marketing

The next step to successfully selling your property is implementing a well-planned and professional real estate marketing strategy. It’s more than just listing on the MLS; it involves creating a strategic marketing plan, capturing your property with expert photography, and delivering compelling showings. I excel in highlighting your property’s unique features, ensuring a seamless and gratifying sale process. My dedication to always providing top-quality marketing materials across several delivery channels for all my properties speaks volumes to the importance of real estate marketing and my commitment to always providing the best service to my clients.

Timing is Key for a Successful Sale:

Understanding Market Conditions

The ever-changing facets of the real estate market consistently play a pivotal role in assessing a property’s value, irrespective of its other attributes. Grasping current market conditions is vital for devising an optimal pricing and marketing strategy for a successful sale.


Uncertain about your next move? Let me assist you in making the right choice. I’m here for a candid discussion, and I’ll never push you to make decisions or sell too soon. Your goals and market conditions dictate the pace. Connect with us or join our email list to stay updated as market dynamics evolve!

“We sold quickly, an incredible 2 days on the market and a dozen showings, with multiple offers. As it was an income property, we were not on site. They shovelled the drive and walk, they cleared the drains, they provided furniture to help stage the unit, they printed AMAZING photos and pamphlets to give to prospective buyers. And they dealt with our strata, that alone was impressive. We were so happy with the information they provided, the tools they gave us to help sell quickly, the overseeing of dealing with lawyers, home inspectors, and the way they both made this sale easy and seamless was so calming and helpful. Thanks to both Brooke and and Bernadette, we were able to sell our unit over asking price, during a hairy time, with very little stress.”

- Nicole and Rob Eley
Finishing off a Successful Sales Process:
Offers & Negotiations

With a wealth of lifelong sales and marketing expertise and multiple top sales accolades under my belt, I’m here to fortify your position in negotiations, ensuring you secure the best value for your property. My award-winning experience provides you the edge in this process. I communicate promptly and clearly, guiding you through every step of negotiations. My commitment extends beyond words on the page; I understand every facet of the listings I take on and the current market landscape, allowing me to navigate counter-offers effectively and provide insights that you can trust. Rest assured, I diligently execute contracts and follow terms meticulously, from negotiation through the completion date.


Thinking of selling?

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